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Owen Audio started in early 2016 as a result of a few different things happening in my life, but the most important event that spurred the creation of this company was the birth of my son Owen. His challenging birth reminded me of the things that were important to me: family and music.

I’ve been a musician and music fanatic my entire life. Just about every milestone and memory that I can recall has some focus on music that has shaped and influenced me. 

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Fast forward to 2015, when I discovered my wife and I would welcome our first child into our family, I realized that playing in bands and all the late nights was no longer something I enjoyed. But I couldn’t fathom music not being part of my life. So I decided to invest in myself and my home studio and embark on a new path learning everything I could about music production, recording, mixing, mastering, and everything in between. For the next few years, I drank from the proverbial fire hose. Extensive studying, networking, and trial and error have brought me to this place right here and now. I started Owen Audio because I wanted to better myself as a musician and producer. And more importantly, I want to continue to work and collaborate with others on my music and theirs.  


A little bit about our project studio space. We have a single-room studio outfitted with an offering of industry-standard tools:

  • A/D and D/A converters from Universal Audio and Dangerous Music

  • Plugins from Universal Audio, Soundtoys (full suite), Brainworx, Plugin Alliance, Izotope, and more

  • The latest versions of Studio One and Pro Tools

  • Microphones from Townsend Labs, Lauten Audio, Royer, Sennheiser, ElectroVoice, and more

  • Guitars, tube amplifiers, violins, and other tools, both old and new, with which to create music

Additionally, when working with Owen Audio, you have access to the following (pricing will vary):

  • A Grammy-nominated mastering engineer based out of Engine Room - NYC

  • Keys and Hammond B3 organ tracks crafted by a touring Nashville musician and producer

  • Full-featured multi-room tracking studio for larger projects in Cleveland, Ohio


With the advancement of recording technology and the greater accessibility that everyone has to recording technology, there has never been a better time in which music can be created, captured, and shared with the world. My hope is that Owen Audio can help play a part in that process by being a contributor and supporter of music creation. We all have something to say, even if you’re not a musically inclined person.  


Music is inside us, and our goal here at Owen Audio is to help get that music out and into the world.  

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