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Production and Mixing Consultation

Have you ever completed a song or a mix and wanted to know what others thought of before it was released? Maybe you've played your finished song or mix for friends but want an outsider's perspective. Or maybe you feel that your production is 90 percent done but can't figure out how to get to that last 10 percent. I can help you with that.  

We home-based musicians and producers don't get a lot of opportunities to have objective outside input on our projects. Sometimes we need that 2nd or 3rd outside opinion to help us see the details that we can't hear anymore. Working in an insular environment makes it easy for us to lose that objectivity. I can provide critiques and constructive advice on your mix or production to help you get it across the finish line.  

We can discuss a mix or production via email or zoom or go over your DAW session to work on your project and complete it! Connect with me using the form below.

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